The Future is Grim

Session 1: Born Alien

The team is formed and gets together at the request of Lady J. She has a job for them to backup another crew that has suddenly dropped out of contact while trying to recover a missing/kidnapped Mrs Johnson.

At the location where the crew disappeared they find apparent gunfight happened. A vehicle is nearly destroyed but it is entirely clean. No dirt, no engine, nothing that would leave a trail is apparent.

An ethereal alien gave them a clue that lead them to Discrete Disposal. While there they found the webcrawler of the previous team. They were all dead. They were then attacked by some alien race that were feeding off the corpses.

They took the webcrawler to a local webcrawler who was able to hook into the dead girl’s skulljack and retrieve the last data that she obtained. The data was an address.

They went to the address, paid a local HuMod gang to watch their vehicle. The building was an abandoned school. They found 24 women on hospoital gurney’s. They were pregnant or had been recently pregnant. C-Section scars showed on some. The team was attacked by a little girl who said their mom was one of the women, Mrs Johnson to be exact. A little boy also attacked them.

Their shots were wild and killed 3 other women before they eliminated the girl and boy.

They escaped the “hospital” and took Mrs Johnson to the space port of the airport complex and delivered her to the appropriate people.



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