The Future is Grim

Session 2: Simple Security Job

What could go wrong?

A couple of days after the last adventure, the group was contacted by Lady J to do security for a meeting in a downtown park. They were directed to be discrete. No one gets in unless someone from the inside said to let them in.

They also meet the newest member of the team, Marximus, who was sent to them from Lady J.

Rodrick also took the same request from Prince, his black market contact.

They met a Mr. Trotter at the local sports bar and were given the details. It was a 1-hour long meeting from noon to 1pm. They would basically have 15 minutes to setup.

They arrived and did some surveillance.

During the hour they had an encounter with a reporter, 2 Halloweeners, a “delusional” old man who lived in the park, a pair of VTOL drones that were just flying overhead, Rolando who wanted to enter the meeting but was not on the list, some tourist staring at them and a bomb that would have destroyed the entire building and everyone in it.

The old man, Scarper, stated that the meeting was between 8 underworld contacts and were planning to divvy up some information so one person did not have it and become too powerful.

Lady J was upset by their handling of things and has not returned any phonecalls/emails.



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