The Future is Grim

Session 4
We thought we got away with it

The crew were basking in the glory of completing their last mission when they saw the news about the lone surviving guard and he seemed to identify Rodrick and Marximus. The 3D sketch was not a perfect match but if you knew them, you would definitely be saying “I know those guys…” and wondering about possibly getting a reward…

A diabolical scheme was hatched to plant evidence on the guard’s residence, implicating him. It seems to have work as reports have surfaced about it being an inside job…

At the same time, they have been offered a job by Lovely Lyle, a man who was once a child TriD star. His client needs a crew to do recon on a building being constructed by Hippogryph BioTechnologies. Rumor has it that Hippogryph has been given a large infusion of cash by AutoDoc. It is assumed that Hippogryph has made some discovery and is likely R&Ding it to give to AutoDoc. The team would be paid based on what they find out about the building:
floor plans, security, alien tech, staff, HiNET security, uniforms, badges, surrounding grounds, what’s inside, etc.

The team has accepted the job and have made various attempts at getting inside the construction area. The area is very large and is surrounded by a security fence but there does not seem to be much security just yet. Estimates given to them is the place is probably 50% secure.

Rodrick has attempted to pretend to be a building inspector. However, it was learned that the construction company is owned by the local Mafia and pretty much has everything under their control.

Marximus has begun to court a young secretary in an attempt to gain access to her security badge.

Session 3
Just the beginning... or the beginning of the end?

It’s been a couple days and no contact from Lady J. No one calling to give you some work to do. You are just starting to think/realize your reputation may have taken a hit when you each receive a message on your tricomps:

The picture is blurred and heavily filtered; clearly secured. The voice is male and has an accent, aristocratic and cultured in tone:

“Your name was mentioned, the word has got thru to me by the usual channels. Certain friends of yours were named also,” the speaker says. “I’ve been told that you don’t have anything else planned for this evening, so I’d like to meet with you at the Atomium Towers. Be there promptly at 10. Tell the doorman you’re with the Saint Podkayne party. They’ll show you to the meeting. Do not be late.” With that, the message ends.

You have only a few hours before the meeting; enough time to maybe do some research and make yourself reasonably presentable and get over there.

What happened…
The team was asked to destroy a building at the request of a Mr. Johnson. AutoDoc had setup a facility that he apparently did not like and wanted it totally destroyed. The group agreed to the terms and, fortunately, had demolitions expertise and Podkayne supplied them with the demolitions.

An attempt to fool the guards at the building failed miserably but the guard was fairly easy to bribe so he let them in.

On the outside of the building the team saw a giant radar dish and some anti-air missiles. Inside the building they found it as described, a manufacturing plant for AutoDoc.

As they investigated the building, they killed 5 guards in the break room. They had been ready for them so it was clear that the guard outside alerted them to the team. In the basement/storage area they found one guard who was just moving inventory around. They killed him but not before he was able to KO Marximus.

Once they had the building cleared they proceeded to plant the explosives. As they tried to leave, though, the guard at the front gate was not opening the door for them to drive out. He knew he was fairly safe inside his guard house.

The team was able to disable the locks on the exit doors and left a demo pack on the guard house.

As they left the compound area, the building exploded, taking out the missiles and the radar dish and they could see the silhouette of the guard hightailing it out of the guard house. To safety?

The team returned to inform Saint Podkayne of their success and received their reward, hoping to do business with him in the near future.

Session 2: Simple Security Job
What could go wrong?

A couple of days after the last adventure, the group was contacted by Lady J to do security for a meeting in a downtown park. They were directed to be discrete. No one gets in unless someone from the inside said to let them in.

They also meet the newest member of the team, Marximus, who was sent to them from Lady J.

Rodrick also took the same request from Prince, his black market contact.

They met a Mr. Trotter at the local sports bar and were given the details. It was a 1-hour long meeting from noon to 1pm. They would basically have 15 minutes to setup.

They arrived and did some surveillance.

During the hour they had an encounter with a reporter, 2 Halloweeners, a “delusional” old man who lived in the park, a pair of VTOL drones that were just flying overhead, Rolando who wanted to enter the meeting but was not on the list, some tourist staring at them and a bomb that would have destroyed the entire building and everyone in it.

The old man, Scarper, stated that the meeting was between 8 underworld contacts and were planning to divvy up some information so one person did not have it and become too powerful.

Lady J was upset by their handling of things and has not returned any phonecalls/emails.

Session 1: Born Alien

The team is formed and gets together at the request of Lady J. She has a job for them to backup another crew that has suddenly dropped out of contact while trying to recover a missing/kidnapped Mrs Johnson.

At the location where the crew disappeared they find apparent gunfight happened. A vehicle is nearly destroyed but it is entirely clean. No dirt, no engine, nothing that would leave a trail is apparent.

An ethereal alien gave them a clue that lead them to Discrete Disposal. While there they found the webcrawler of the previous team. They were all dead. They were then attacked by some alien race that were feeding off the corpses.

They took the webcrawler to a local webcrawler who was able to hook into the dead girl’s skulljack and retrieve the last data that she obtained. The data was an address.

They went to the address, paid a local HuMod gang to watch their vehicle. The building was an abandoned school. They found 24 women on hospoital gurney’s. They were pregnant or had been recently pregnant. C-Section scars showed on some. The team was attacked by a little girl who said their mom was one of the women, Mrs Johnson to be exact. A little boy also attacked them.

Their shots were wild and killed 3 other women before they eliminated the girl and boy.

They escaped the “hospital” and took Mrs Johnson to the space port of the airport complex and delivered her to the appropriate people.


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