The Future is Grim

Session 3

Just the beginning... or the beginning of the end?

It’s been a couple days and no contact from Lady J. No one calling to give you some work to do. You are just starting to think/realize your reputation may have taken a hit when you each receive a message on your tricomps:

The picture is blurred and heavily filtered; clearly secured. The voice is male and has an accent, aristocratic and cultured in tone:

“Your name was mentioned, the word has got thru to me by the usual channels. Certain friends of yours were named also,” the speaker says. “I’ve been told that you don’t have anything else planned for this evening, so I’d like to meet with you at the Atomium Towers. Be there promptly at 10. Tell the doorman you’re with the Saint Podkayne party. They’ll show you to the meeting. Do not be late.” With that, the message ends.

You have only a few hours before the meeting; enough time to maybe do some research and make yourself reasonably presentable and get over there.

What happened…
The team was asked to destroy a building at the request of a Mr. Johnson. AutoDoc had setup a facility that he apparently did not like and wanted it totally destroyed. The group agreed to the terms and, fortunately, had demolitions expertise and Podkayne supplied them with the demolitions.

An attempt to fool the guards at the building failed miserably but the guard was fairly easy to bribe so he let them in.

On the outside of the building the team saw a giant radar dish and some anti-air missiles. Inside the building they found it as described, a manufacturing plant for AutoDoc.

As they investigated the building, they killed 5 guards in the break room. They had been ready for them so it was clear that the guard outside alerted them to the team. In the basement/storage area they found one guard who was just moving inventory around. They killed him but not before he was able to KO Marximus.

Once they had the building cleared they proceeded to plant the explosives. As they tried to leave, though, the guard at the front gate was not opening the door for them to drive out. He knew he was fairly safe inside his guard house.

The team was able to disable the locks on the exit doors and left a demo pack on the guard house.

As they left the compound area, the building exploded, taking out the missiles and the radar dish and they could see the silhouette of the guard hightailing it out of the guard house. To safety?

The team returned to inform Saint Podkayne of their success and received their reward, hoping to do business with him in the near future.



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