The Future is Grim

Session 4

We thought we got away with it

The crew were basking in the glory of completing their last mission when they saw the news about the lone surviving guard and he seemed to identify Rodrick and Marximus. The 3D sketch was not a perfect match but if you knew them, you would definitely be saying “I know those guys…” and wondering about possibly getting a reward…

A diabolical scheme was hatched to plant evidence on the guard’s residence, implicating him. It seems to have work as reports have surfaced about it being an inside job…

At the same time, they have been offered a job by Lovely Lyle, a man who was once a child TriD star. His client needs a crew to do recon on a building being constructed by Hippogryph BioTechnologies. Rumor has it that Hippogryph has been given a large infusion of cash by AutoDoc. It is assumed that Hippogryph has made some discovery and is likely R&Ding it to give to AutoDoc. The team would be paid based on what they find out about the building:
floor plans, security, alien tech, staff, HiNET security, uniforms, badges, surrounding grounds, what’s inside, etc.

The team has accepted the job and have made various attempts at getting inside the construction area. The area is very large and is surrounded by a security fence but there does not seem to be much security just yet. Estimates given to them is the place is probably 50% secure.

Rodrick has attempted to pretend to be a building inspector. However, it was learned that the construction company is owned by the local Mafia and pretty much has everything under their control.

Marximus has begun to court a young secretary in an attempt to gain access to her security badge.



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