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The city you currently live in is called Aldgate. It is located in the north west portion of the continent. The continent doesn’t have a name anymore. At least no one knows the real name. It is currently governed by the Tau Zero corporation.

You are a couple hours away from the coast of the continent but Aldgate does have nearby lakes and a bay that connects to the ocean. Weather is mostly rainy and depressing. Occasionally the sky does clear enough for the sun to shine for a few minutes.

There are 5 major highways/interstates leaving the city but each entrance and exit goes through a checkpoint so ID is required. Traveling between cities on your own is highly dangerous as the barren lands between the cities are ruled by vicious gangs.

There is a high-speed maglev train that goes from Aldgate to Silverby. However, it is mostly only used by corporate employees with interests in both cities and tourists that can afford such a ride.

There is an airport complex but the airport is broken up into privately owned airports within it. Military and corporations, mostly. It also houses the space port for those lucky/rich enough to be able to travel outside of the planet.

Due to the bay, there is a port so sea travel is also possible.

Public transit: The Tau Zero Transit Authority runs the monorail that circles the city plus there is a bus system. Vehicles, of course. Most of them are electric and run on a grid for automated travel and traffic regulation. Some areas, though, have poorly maintained grids so some of the electric vehicles are also wheeled and combustion engine powered. Silverby reportedly has hovercars being run as a pilot program before Tau Zero expands it to the other cities. The Gravitoelectromagnetic engines required are still being refined with help from other worldly corporations, so the rumors say. there are taxi companies, limo service, etc. Some are electric and some are hybrids. Cheaper ones are the electric ones as they follow the grid and don’t have people to pay. Speed’s taxi is purely combustible.

Main Page

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